Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hostgator's 45% Discount Sale on all Hosting Packages-President's Day Special Offer.

Posted by srinath reddy Doodi
Hostgator is the craziest hosting network which offers very attractive discount offers on their hosting packages. Every year they offer a huge discount on black friday's and cyber monday's. This time hostgator is back with the highest discount of 45% OFF on all their hosting packages and domain's. This offer is marked as president's day sale. This awesome discount is applicable only on Monday(17/02/2014). This is the best discount offer by hostgator this year. Grab it before the offer expires.
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

How To Optimize Blog For Search Engines-On Page SEO Tips & Tricks

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on page seo tips
Onpage seo refers to placing keywords at accurate position to optimize blog to rank higher in search engines. on page seo is the initial stage of optimizing your blog for search engines. With a perfect on page seo, we can rank higher in search engines. Many search engine optimization and marketing companies offer on page seo service for their customers in order to rank their web pages in google search results. In this article i am sharing some basic search engine optimization tips which are on page optimization tips which help you to rank your blog well in search engines without hiring any local search engine optimization company.
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tips on How To Choose & Buy Right Domain Name For Blog or Website

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select good domain name for blog
Domain name is very important for every blog in order to identify its quality & nichie. They also plays an important role in search engine optimization and also advertising. Most of the advertisers reject to show adds on some blogs by just looking their domain name. The domain name itself indicate's that the blog is not useful for them and they won't show interest in advertising on that blog. Most of the beginners who cannot invest money on their blog's are going with sub domains and free domains. Some of them are buying country specific domains as they come cheaper. They didn't know how harmful are these domains to their blogs. So i decided to help the newbie bloggers in picking up and registering a good domain name. In this article i shared the complete details about how to choose a right domain name for a blog or website.
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

List of 400+ Facebook groups under blogging nichie

Posted by srinath reddy Doodi 16 Comments

Blogging is the best way to make money online. But inorder to make more money via blogging, we should have a good amount of traffic to our blog. With the recent google humming bird algorithm, it is obvious that we should not depend on search traffic any more. we should always build referral traffic. So in order to help other bloggers, I composed a ebook with 400+ facebook groups under blogging nichie.  Any one can download this e-book for free and can build social media traffic to their blog.
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

HTML Characters Encoder Tool For Blogger and Wordpress

Posted by srinath reddy Doodi
While sharing html code's in blog, some of the html characters like <,  >, &, ", ' , etc need to be encoded before sharing. Because these characters will be treated as html tags instead of treating them as plain text. So here i shared a custom embeeded tool for encoding all the html characters.

HTML Characters Encoder Tool:

This HTML Encoder tool is an embeeded tool used to encode the html code inorder to make the code look as a plain text. You can copy the encoded code and can share it in your blog.
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